Wednesday, 30 March 2011

:: A sprinkle of food ::

I recently held a 'Baby Sprinkle' for a dear friend of mine. For those who don't know, baby showers are traditionally only given to first time mums, and other pregnancies have often gone by the wayside. In recent years, more and more women, their friends and their families are increasingly celebrating the excitement of the pending arrival of their second, third and subsequent children with a shower. It has become perfectly acceptable to still throw a party, but call it a sprinkle instead.

baby sprinkle anyone?

A sprinkle is a baby shower, but only on a smaller scale as the mother tends to already have the big ticket items but still needs to restock as number two can be born in a different season & even be a different sex altogether! It is more about coming together to celebrate with the expectant mum and alleviate her worries over integrating baby into an already full house. There is a sprinkling of gifts, a sprinkling of advice and laughter falls like a warm sprinkling of summer rain.

great decorations for any party 
I thought about my friend's baby sprinkle, the sex unknown, for weeks in advance & not knowing which angle to attack this event first. When I found some Japanese lanterns in a discount store with beautiful butterflies on them in different colours, I knew I had found my theme. Butterflies are just gorgeous. Each perfect & individual in every way, much like a newborn, it was an easy theme to follow through.

As it turns out, there is not much out there on the internet that is under the 'free' websites that have tasteful design qualities to them coinciding with enjoyable games. I managed to find a good website which had a few select games which I printed on 100gsm quality paper so everyone didn't have to lean on magazines or books. For music, I simply enlisted the help of and played songs with baby in the title from a pre-selected favourites folder, which I prepared ahead of time. It was great watching the old film clips with the girls as well!

baby, baby songs - from amy grant to justin beiber

 The food was a joy. I planned a menu, keeping in mind of any known dietry requirements, then went on planning my recipes & ideas. I will post just a few, including the ever so popular sausage rolls and chocoloate brownies.

celeb baby - match hollywood names to star parents

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