Tuesday 18 December 2012

:: A Royal Recipe ::

Basic Royal Icing
:: Megann’s Kitchen ::

:: making planetary cookies - swirling colours & finishing with glitter ::

Royal Icing is quite beautiful & not to mention delicious. It adds a sugary, hardened crunch to semi-sweet cookies, cupcakes & cakes with magnificent results. I also love the creativity that you can generate with different techniques, colours & decorations.
The cookies featured are made with my Vanilla Bean & Gingerbread recipe - perfect for a novelty cookie of your choice.

The Royal Icing
1 egg white, lightly whisked
2 cups (320g) pure icing sugar, sifted
1 Tbs lemon juice

To make the royal icing, place the egg white in a small bowl & beat with electric mixer/beaters until well aerated. Gradually adding the icing sugar ½ a cup at a time, mixing well between each addition. Add the lemon juice (or any flavourings) & any additional water, stirring until a thick & creamy consistency. Add desired colours. Fit a piping bag with a No. 4 plain nozzle. Spoon the icing into the prepared bag. Pipe icing onto each gingerbread figure and decorate. Set aside for at least 30 minutes to allow the icing to set.

:: cookies for an Owl Themed Party for a hoot of a time ::

Kitchen Notes
:: For chocolate icing, leave out the lemon juice & add 1 Tbs sifted cocoa powder.
:: For vanilla icing, add 1tsp-2tsp pure vanilla extract.
:: If wanting to create a layered effect of colours & flavours, allow the icing to set before adding different layers of icing on top. If not properly dry, the colour will bleed into the other or emerge into other icings.
:: I am in LOVE with edible glitter for novelty cookies… it adds a festive touch for any special occasion, especially Christmas! It can be expensive, but you only require a little. Available at all good specialty baking & decorating stores.

:: kids love to squeeze out a little creativity ::

Little Larder
:: Kids just adore decorating with friends, allowing their creative minds soar. I portion out royal icing into small bowls & choose a variety of colours. I then place the icing into disposable icing bags, sealing it off with a rubber band so it doesn’t emerge out the wrong end. Snip a tiny section off the ends off the icing bag, place a wet wipe at the bottom of a plastic cup (to prevent drying) & place the icing bags tip down into each one. I grab a selection of sprinkles for them to choose from, creating a super cool decorating station, & let the creativity begin…  Oh, & keep those wipes handy!

:: cookies for a "by the Waters Edge" - nautical themed party ::

Quick Kitchen
:: Royal Icing can also be purchased in a packet mix, such as Queen brand, available from all good supermarkets in the baking section & specialty baking stores.
:: Disposable icing bags, such a the Multixbrand, can also be purchased from supermarkets & specialty baking stores.

:: "Ruldolf the red nosed reindeer" Christmas Cookies ::

:: iced & packaged - ready for hungry party guests to eat now or take-away ::

Enjoy decorating your cookies as much as we do here in Megann's Kitchen!


  1. super! j'adore l'idée pour les rennes!

    1. Je suis heureux que vous aimez l'idée ! Heureux la cuisson dans votre cuisine!!!

  2. So glad to have found your lovely blog. I`ve featured this post on my Magical Christmas blog at http://thehandcraftedchristmas.blogspot.ca/2014/11/reindeer-cookies-think-upside-down-and.html

  3. Megann, The reindeer using the gingerbread cuter are delightful! So Creative, I've got the gingerbread cooling and can't wait to make the reindeer. I just know they will be a hit!! Thanks! Merry Christmas

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