Tuesday 8 January 2013

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Shortcrust Parmesan Pastry
:: Megann’s Kitchen ::

:: a beautiful shortcrust parmesan pastry - blind baked & ready to be filled ::

I am not really sure where I found this recipe - but when it comes to a savoury pastry, this recipe is the best. I use it for all quiches & savoury tarts as it has a beautiful flavour & flaky finish. The parmesan cheese & pepper flecks through the pastry & adds a lovely depth to a simple recipe.

1 ½ cups plain flour
125g butter, chopped
¼ tsp ground pepper
½ cup finely grated parmesan
¼ to cup of chilled/iced water

Place the flour, butter, parmesan & pepper in a food processor. Pulse in the food processor until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Whilst blending, add the chilled water until the mixture comes together. When the mixture just combines into a ball (see picture), stop the processor & form a disc in your hands. Wrap in cling wrap & chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour

:: rolling out your dough onto cling wrap makes transferring the pastry easier ::

Preheat oven to180°C (350°F). On a large sheet of cling wrap, lightly flour the surface & roll the pastry until it is 3-5mm thick. With the cling wrap still attached to the pastry, carefully lift & flip, lining a greased 28 cm loose-bottomed tart pan with pastry, then trim with the heal of your hand. Chill for 10 minutes in the freezer or 20 minutes in the fridge. Remove the cling wrap, prick the pastry with a fork then line with parchment paper & fill with pastry weights.
Bake blind at 180°C (350°F) for 10 minutes. Remove pastry weights & parchment paper then bake for another 5 minutes, until just cooked through. Reset your oven to your desired temperature for recipe filling. 

:: why not make mini quiches with any leftover dough? ::

Kitchen Notes
:: As it is a loose bottom tin, I like to place it on a tray to remove & place back in the oven with ease. This way there is no chance of you accidently breaking the crust of your pastry!
:: Don’t skip the resting/chilling process! It is essential to stop the shrinkage of your pastry.
:: I always roll my pastry onto a large piece of cling wrap. This helps a great deal when transferring to your desired baking tin.
:: In lieu of pastry weights, you can use uncooked rice, dried beans or even small, clean polished pebbles.
:: I have also made this pastry up to 3 days in advance, simply keeping it chilled in the refrigerator as a rolled ball, double wrapped in cling wrap.
:: Remember, quick hands! Especially in a warm room- you don’t want the butter to melt.
:: Keep the remainder of the pastry for savoury biscuits or styling accents to your tart/pie.

:: simply cut with a large cookie cutter or glass & place into a muffin tin - easy! ::

Please enjoy this pastry recipe, it's one of my favourites!

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