Thursday 12 April 2012

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Soon after I had my son, Will, I decided to host a Tupperware Party in order to add to my ever-growing storage collection, but this time having baby & toddler meals in mind. I have bought much of the Tupperware Collection, but as a hostess gift, I received a Turbo Chef. Now, I have to admit that it wasn’t on my list of collectables & I am not sure if I would have bought it at the time, but I am ever so glad that fortune saw it land in my lap.

As you may know, I developed Easy Kitchen to inform my readers of tools in the kitchen that make my life that little bit easier. Whether it is saving time or energy, Easy Kitchen features equipment I just couldn’t live without. I had recently had some shoulder & tendonitis issues, which made even the easiest of tasks in the kitchen into a challenge. When I first used the Turbo Chef for finely mincing onions for a risotto, I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to use. To think I had been chopping my onions with a knife all these years!

:: finely dicing onions with the turbo chef ::

The Turbo Chef allows you to chop an onion into simple 8ths (half, half then half again), place the equivalent to half of the onion into the container & with a few swift pulls of the cord chopping onions for your desired dish becomes a breeze. Oh, did I mention no more onion tears? If the recipe calls for it, I sometimes add my garlic in with the onion as well. Simple!

:: make sure to constantly stir your onions to prevent burning ::

If you have any leftover ingredients or need to keep the contents for later, Tupperware provides a handy lid for excess quantities that fits on top of the clear container! It is great for sauces. I pre-make my tartar sauce, pop the lid on & have it at the ready for dinner.

:: turbo chef is an easy way to prepare ingredients for satay sauce ::

The low down
Pros: The Turbo Chef finely chops or minces onions & vegetables like a pro!
:: Easy to use for both right and left handed people.
:: It is easy to pull apart & assemble again for cleaning & the base is dishwasher safe. When disassembled, keep out the top section as the pull cord should not get wet.
:: The Turbo Chef would be great for anyone with upper limb pain, such as tendonitis, arthritis, carpel tunnel, shoulder pain, etc, as it reduces the amount of strain on the muscles & bones.
:: I can imagine the Turbo Chef would be fabulous for pureeing small amounts of food for babies/toddlers as well.
Cons: Ummm, it has to be washed occasionally.
How to use: Simply place small amounts into an assembled Turbo Chef container, pull 4-6 times or until you reach a desired consistency, place contents into recipe!
:: Wash in warm, soapy water or add into your next dishwasher load.
Notes: If overloaded, like any food processor, it will produce some inconsistent results. Simply add small amounts at a time for a more dependable outcome.
:: The blades are extremely sharp in order for a effortless cut, so please be careful when cleaning.

Turbo Chef Details
Price: Turbo Chef: AU $57.20 or Chop’n’Prep Chef: US $45.00
Capacity: Base allows for 300ml worth of product
Dimensions: 10.8cm (d) x 9.2cm (h)
Rotations: Allows for 288 knife cuts in less than 15 seconds
Warranty: All Tupperware plastic products, if used correctly, have a lifetime warranty. Fantastic!
Purchase: Through your local Tupperware Dealer - see website for details.

:: the newly released smooth chopper ::

Tupperware has released a few sister products with additional functions, such as a beater, & with different capacities. It depends how often you will use it & what functions you desire if you want to invest the extra cash, but very much worth your while investigating these as well.
Sister Products: Smooth Chopper 730ml base: AU $76.45 or US $59.00
:: Quick Chef 1.3L base: AU $82.90 or US $69.00
prices are subject to change at the discretion of Tupperware

:: making tatar sauce is easy with the turbo chef ::

Visit Tupperware Australia for the Turbo Chef or for info on your local Tupperware representative
Visit Tupperware US for the Chop’n’Prep Chef to purchase online

Easy Kitchen Competition
Tupperware Australia has generously combined forces with Megann’s Kitchen to provide you with a chance to win one of these amazing red Turbo Chef’s & help make your kitchen as easy as mine! Thanks Tupperware! Follow the link for your chance to win.

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