Friday, 29 July 2011

:: Order in the Kitchen: Parchment Wrappers ::

DIY Country Style Parchment Paper Wrappers
:: Megann's Kitchen :: 

:: DIY parchment paper wrappers by megann's kitchen ::

There is something about having a stash of your own home-made wrappers in the pantry that adds to the country style of your baking. Our grandmothers would have used parchment liners like these if they had no "bought" ones in the pantry, however they have now become a trend. These delightful DIY parchment paper wrappers have become so popular the world over, that they now can be bought pre-made & packaged. You will see them everywhere - from patisseries & cafes to a home kitchen like mine. I adore these wrappers as they add a visual homely, warm touch to each muffin.
They are oh-so easy to make, so next time you are feeling crafty, grab a roll of baking paper, ruler, stanley knife, cups & get making!

1 x 30 cm (12 inches) wide roll baking/parchment paper
1 x metal ruler
1 x stanley knife, craft scalpel or scissors
2 x cups (I use my toddler's plastic Tupperware bell tumblers)
1 x muffin tin

:: 15cm squares of parchment paper ::
Step #1
:: The first thing to do is cut your paper into 15cm (6 inch) squares. Once you have your desired number of papers, place carefully in a pile.

:: pull down, pleating at the sides ::
Step #2
:: Turn your cup upside down & place a sheet of parchment paper over the top. Making sure the sheet is centred, pull down firmly, pleating at the sides & smooth.

:: re-enforce for sharp pleats ::
:: slowly separate your cups ::
 Step #3
:: Re-enforce the pleats by placing a second cup over the top. Carefully separate the cups to reveal your wrapper.

:: double check your sizing & if correct, make up reserves ::
Step #4
:: Double check the first wrapper that you make by placing into your muffin tin. Does it fit in beautifully? Repeat Step #2 and Step #3 with remaining sheets!

:: making enough for my next batch of muffins ::

Kitchen Notes:
:: The cups used can be any cup that measures 5cm or 2" at the base & fits into your desired muffin tin.
:: Whist watching TV at night, I like to make up a large quantity for my next couple of batches of muffins so they are pre-prepared & ready to go.
:: The parchment papers can be bought pre-cut from industrial stores or online, however I have only found them in packs of 1000.
:: This could be a great project for kids to help with. As they tuck into their next batch of Blueberry Muffins or Apple & Pear Crumble Muffins, they will know that they helped contribute!

:: blueberry muffins ::
:: blueberry muffins :: 

:: apple & pear crumble muffins ::

Source: Follow on to Martha Stewart's Website for some good ideas.
Pre-Made Wrappers: Donna Hay Packaged Parchment Papers, follow on to the general store to purchase. 
Tupperware Bell Tumblers: Sourced through my local Tupperware representative.


  1. What a great idea and such a pretty presentation. Your muffins look straight from the bakery!
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    1. Thank you for your comment Cleo - it is a great DIY idea. Who doesn't love that home made muffin look, complete with muffin wrappers???

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