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:: Providore Review: Victor Churchill Butchers ::

Victor Churchill Butchers
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:: victor churchill store interior ::

When class, quality & butchery unite you will only find Victor Churchill Butchers, Woollahra, Sydney. There is something to be said for any retailer who is smart enough to make visiting their store an experience whilst providing the highest quality of produce. This is what this store is, it’s pure genius.

:: victor churchill butcher storefront ::

One gorgeous day Mick & I parked in front of it to finally go to the new Bill’s. “What’s that?” I asked, peering through the window with a door handle made of sausages. Could it be, no... a butcher? It had marble floors, they were carving meat behind glass like a theatre production, and there were staff wearing crisp, clean aprons. “Whoa... that looks... amazing!” I said to my husband. We were pressed for time, so I could only poke my head into the store but, by goodness. Wow! 
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:: fresh meat to cut order ::

:: amazing take home meals ::

So it was one Sydney trip that I decided to make an effort to go back and finally buy my first piece of VCB meat, a scotch fillet, as requested by my husband. I opened the massive sausage door and was instantly greeted with a smile by helpful staff. The smell is gorgeous with the combination of fresh & cooked meat, as they have a rotisserie in the back. The store was abuzz with customers while two artisan butchers worked behind their glass wall preparing meat to order for customers. Not only do they have a gorgeous array of meats on display, they have some pre-prepared meals to take home just in case you have no time to cook. Perfect! I left that day with two amazing looking pieces of scotch fillet beef for my esky to cook the next night at home.

:: the steak that came home with me ::

:: just look at the marbling! oh my! ::

You may look at the prices of the pieces of meat and think how on earth can they be worth that amount, but I assure you, they are. I honestly haven’t seen marbling in meat available to the general public like at the Victor Churchill Butchers & it is a beautiful thing to see. They had 300 or 600 day old grain fed beef which looks like a vintage French marble benchtop. When you hear the list of celebrity chefs that frequent this store (I was informed a host of A list chefs were there on Monday, including Neil Perry, to launch a new product) you understand why when you taste the quality in every single home cooked mouthful.
:: a gorgeous rotisserie ::
:: perfect pork ::

Victor Churchill Butchers have turned meat production into an art form, so please visit them & enjoy them just as much as I have & will continue to.

:: wagyu rump & 300 day old grain fed sirloin steaks ::
Needless to say Mick managed to cook our scotch fillet perfectly to our liking, which was just on medium. I am not sure if it was the whole experience of purchasing the meat that day, but it was one of the most incredible pieces of meat I’ve ever had!

:: cooking the steak ::

:: a lovely peice of scotch fillet ::

Location: 132 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW, 2025, Australia
Contact: Tel: (02) 9328 0402 Fax: (02) 9328 0408

Good Things: COURSES: Victor ChurchillButchers run gourmet butchery & cooking classes for big & little chefs alike. There is Lamb, Beef & Pork Butchery + Sausage Making Classes, as well as Poultry & Rabbit. This would defintately have to be on my to do list as my meat carving is, well, lacking in that department & what better way to learn.
For more information on the Victor Churchill Cooking School, follow the links

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